For over 25 years, we have raised the EXPRESIV brand in respect and dedication to our customers. Impeccable performance, attention to detail, a good quality / price ratio and a unique, contemporary design are the main calibers that recommend us in the fashion market. Always innovative, we are concerned about the image of the modern, more dynamic and sophisticated man, aware of the importance of appearance. Thus, we have created and produced for more than a quarter century elegant men’s attires, combining comfort with the latest trends in fashion.

The Art Of Living In Style! – the essence of the EXPRESIV brand is a dedication to our customers.


The business and casual suits that we produce provide an elegant, refined and desirable, fitting perfectly into the modern man’s wardrobe. The design of the EXPRESIV suits closely follows the trends of the moment, satisfying the demands of an informed client, a customer constantly updating his fashion preferences.

The Art Of Living In Style! – is the motto of a man with a perfect style.


Having the desire to stand by our customers in the special moments of their lives, we pay special attention to the attires for ceremonies. Ceremony suits cover a wide range of patterns and colors matching with the personality of each man and the nature of the event in which he participates.

The Art Of Living In Style! – is the expression of a perfect day.


Elegant and comfortable EXPRESIV jackets and coats are the best option for the cold season. Made of high quality materials in a variety of designs, they cover both business and casual range.

The Art Of Living In Style! – is an EXPRESIV constant in all seasons.